Who is a good cadre Please vote

Who is a good cadre Please vote

What kind of cadres are good cadres in the hearts of the masses? Cadres good? The masses have the final say. Now, in the public vote formally by the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice leading group office, municipal organization department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly launched the "good cadre masses heart contest. After the preliminary evaluation of the group, in the 71 approaching, the 76 cadres today by the Xining evening news to the public appearance, the majority of people to accept the vote.

in the recommendation link early in the city’s various regions, departments and units of 111 cadres were elected by the review group, after the primaries, the 76 cadres in the public vote. Through mass voting, the final election will be 20 cadres in the hearts of the masses, and in the city to carry out the masses of the hearts of good cadres to learn publicity activities.The selection of activities carried out


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