On behalf of members of the rule blocking weapon

On behalf of members of the rule blocking weapon

face the provincial capital of motor vehicles caused by the rapid growth of traffic congestion problem, Xining take various measures to actively respond, but the traffic jam is still serious traffic jam. To this end, the NPC deputies to participate in the two sessions, the CPPCC members have to rule blocking weapon.

block method:

cancel urban expressway toll

in the eleven session of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the group of the fourth group discussion, Chen Yuansheng, a member of the proposal, was the presence of many members of the endorsement. Chen Yuansheng said, according to the current development situation of Xining City, after the cars of the year will enhance the speed faster than a year, the speed of city construction lags far behind the growth of car speed, the peak of the traffic has become homely food. Regardless of the decision-making or traffic participants, are in a variety of ways to block, as well as existing resources can be used to help ease traffic congestion. Chen Yuansheng’s proposal is to cancel the city expressway toll collection, so long distance travel vehicles to take the city road, try to avoid traffic congestion in urban areas, so as not to block on the plug".

Chen Yuansheng said, cancel the mode of high-speed toll road in the city of our province and suggested that the relevant departments in Xining City, Xi’an city according to Chengdu, especially to cancel the rhyme ieguchi Chaoyang, Chaoyang – Xigang – sea lake, Chaoyang South toll station road tolls, alleviate the traffic pressure in the city.

blocking method two:

limit small expansion big

at present, the annual growth rate of private cars in Xining is about 30%, nearly three hundred thousand car ownership in Xining, private cars accounted for one of the two hundred thousand. Due to the lack of guidance of the development of private cars, the structure of urban traffic has further deteriorated, and in addition to the pressure on road traffic, a large number of exhaust gases also affect the environment.

to this end, the Qinghai provincial Party committee recommends that the total control of motor vehicles. The implementation of private car license plate limit, no reserve auction (the proceeds of the government after the publication of special funds for the purpose of speeding up the construction of the road) policy, effective control of the growth rate of private cars. Restrictions on the existing motor vehicles to improve the threshold of buying a car, the purchase of more than two units of the family car, levy a high vehicle registration fee. At the same time, it is recommended to establish a well-developed public transport network, increase public transport investment, invest more taxis and buses.

blocking method three:

development of rail transit

Group discussion at a meeting of the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress of the Xining delegation in

, many suggested that Xining should be the development of rail transportation, the formation of underground pavement, suburban three-in-one three-dimensional traffic network, the public can choose according to their needs of public transport.

in fact, as early as in 2009, Xining city development and the smooth implementation of the project, in the long-term planning proposed will continue to improve and strengthen the foundation of urban traffic facilities construction and management, to speed up the "Xining city light rail;


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