Dangdang shop needs to meet what conditions

Dangdang shop needs to meet what conditions

believe that many consumers are familiar with dangdang.com, many businesses have settled in the platform, to create wealth investment. If you want to use this platform to open a shop, then what needs to meet the requirements? Many businesses are not familiar with that look at it together.

step-1 application in check qualification information: business focus first on dangdang.com settled standards, confirm its conform to the requirements in the application submitted in accordance with the requirements of business: be sure to send to the category of business enterprise qualification for e-mail communication between the two sides: China Merchants responsible person received the information, will be the first time to contact you to confirm the investment intentions: responsible person will be required for communication with you on the terms of cooperation, both sides confirmed the intention of cooperation.

step-2 signed a contract to send the contract: Merchants responsible person to send an electronic version of the contract to the business office to submit the contract qualification: business in accordance with the requirements of the signing of the contract, submit the qualification documents to the person in charge of investment contract qualification audit: dangdang.com relevant department contract and qualification documents.

step-3 shop to prepare product information: related pictures and descriptions of products in shops and businesses need to cooperate to upload not on the line and decoration shop home pay related costs: businesses pay the deposit and the platform fee on-line shop sales: back to the day of the on-line shop dangdang.com financial department received fees.

dangdang.com in standard business enterprise qualification audit:

(2) requires businesses to provide the following information:

* business license – the latest annual

. The tax registration certificate, tax revenue +

* organization code certificate

* – trademark trademark registration certificate is for brands to provide the "application form"

trademark registration

in the network platform to figure out shop shop matters only when you meet the conditions before they can successfully shop shop in dangdang.com. Are you clear about the above requirements? Hope to help you successfully set up shop, you can not miss a good opportunity.

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