Eight has the benefit of the project in the province’s 360 villages and towns grassroots cadres

Eight has the benefit of the project in the province’s 360 villages and towns grassroots cadres

of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to collect and integrate all types of funds 138 million yuan, to start the implementation of the township party school, library reading room, working room, dining room, network, garden greening, fitness facilities, toilets etc. rural grassroots political power "eight" project, at present, the implementation of half township. This year will ensure the completion of more than 80% villages and towns, and strive to achieve full coverage in 2017.

now, Huangnan grassroots cadres working and living conditions, the business environment has been improved, the Party cadres and the masses are more closely. This is my province to explore the implementation of township regime "eight project", "strong, pragmatic grasp" the vivid practice and wonderful microcosm.

for a long time, because our province financial difficulties, lack of grassroots political power construction investment, the grassroots infrastructure and office conditions are very backward, especially the township institutions located in remote areas mostly, extreme environment, office space, staff turnover and the housing facilities construction is lagging behind, and the transportation and communication facilities backward, seriously affected the normal work and the work enthusiasm of grassroots cadres.

therefore, my province adhere to the grassroots, laying the foundation, strong line, "seize the opportunity of the construction of grassroots regime, start the implementation of" eight towns "project, to work from the township cadres the most urgent needs of life, improve the living and working environment at the grassroots level, efforts to solve the township" conditions are poor, hard to keep people, hard to keep people and cadres commuting problems, try to make rural grassroots cadres really live down, ande heart, doing nothing. The "eight" project implementation, the province is the "three basic" building "highlights important practical results, and model base construction, will also become the township cadres with" peace of mind "project" heart warming project".

implementation plan "in accordance with the provisions of the province’s rural grassroots political power" project "eight" project, to local conditions, tianpingbuqi principle, make full use of existing housing facilities. Provincial co-ordination, integration of various types of funds to maximize the effectiveness of funds. City state led, supervise the implementation of the specific construction of urban and rural counties. The project plans to cover in Xining City 28 District 4 Street (township), Haidong City 2 zone, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu City, 4 Street offices, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the 8 district offices and 1 for outsourcing the province’s 8 cities, 360 towns in 42 counties.

project plans a total investment of 925 million yuan, the construction of 210 township cadres housing turnover 4209 sets; the implementation of 360 Township Party cadres active position, courtyard environment, dining room, bathroom and other basic living facilities, the construction of cultural sports fitness facilities and 338 townships, 314 villages and towns convenient service hall Plumbing toilet etc. the supporting infrastructure and 15 villages and towns.



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