Efforts to lay a good fight against poverty in the future the first to achieve poverty in Xining

Efforts to lay a good fight against poverty in the future the first to achieve poverty in Xining

In July, Hu Si Dong village of Huangyuan County Bo hang Township, a green "villa" uniform, unified unified gate, courtyard, road hardening, clean environment and facilities…… The old people in the square to chat, the sun, the children in the slapstick play, a piece of beautiful and harmonious scene, people deeply feel easy to help the poor relocation of the villagers to live a good life.

this year to the "13th Five-Year" period, the city of participatory poverty village, poverty through the implementation of 331 villages in the whole village, 65 villages to be relocated, industrial poverty, education and training, mutual fund loans, loan interest and other projects do arrangements for poverty alleviation fund using, accurate, precise measures to households accurate and precise results out of poverty. At present, the city has 31 thousand households, poor households filing riser 112 thousand.The

– effort in participatory dynamic monitoring. Establish and improve the poor population, poor households, poor villages dynamic monitoring system, the establishment of the poor population access mechanism, improve the accuracy of helping people.

– the effort in helping the village. And play a good role in the work of helping the village team, find out the bottleneck of the impoverished village base, identify impoverished village development, the development of the poverty village development planning, to help implement the project construction coordination, and poor village committee team together to lead the poor people out of poverty.

– effort in project financial supervision. Counties will be based on the actual needs of capital projects, the use of funds to develop programs and project implementation plan to improve the use of poverty alleviation funds targeted and effective.

– efforts in deepening social assistance on. Broaden the investment channels, the formation of a government led, market led, sector participation, social support, the diversification of poverty alleviation mechanism, deepen social assistance.

measures: the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation


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