Please tell me how to manage the park

Please tell me how to manage the park

in order to strengthen the city park construction and management, according to China’s "city greening Ordinance" and the relevant laws and regulations, the Legislative Affairs Office of Xining municipal government combined with the actual formulation of "Xining city park management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), is now facing the agency will seek advice. The public can call 0971 – 8230099 of the legal office of the Xining municipal government also can call, by e-mail [email protected], put forward your opinions and suggestions.

means refers to the park to the public to provide sightseeing, leisure, cultural and recreational urban public green space, is a public welfare urban infrastructure. "Six aspects" around the park planning and construction management, capacity management, garden management, legal responsibility content, formulated the implementation of articles 41.

"approach" provides that the park should provide visitors with a beautiful, comfortable place to rest, park landscape, facilities, environmental quality should meet the requirements of the state. Recreational facilities should be located in the area of planning, and park landscape coordination, technical and safety indicators must meet the national standards. In the park, the new large-scale recreational facilities shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of examination and approval. No unit or individual shall, within the scope of protection of the park, discharge smoke and dust, harmful gases, dump garbage or discharge waste water, and shall not, without authorization, fill, fill or block the water in the park. The entrance of the park should set the garden tour map, park introduction, Yuzono Suchi; hall, galleries should be set at the entrance of the main intersection sign should be set up. Various types of signs in the park should be in accordance with the public graphics standards, to maintain clean and complete.

according to the "Regulations", the park should be open every day. Due to special reasons can not be opened or cannot be opened, the park management agencies shall be three days in advance publicity. Closed park closed garden, park management agencies should be cleared in a timely manner, visitors should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the park within a specified time. Other parks approved by the Xining Municipal People’s government fees, fees charged by the competent pricing department. Tickets for the park for the elderly, infants and young children, primary and secondary school students, disabled persons, active duty and other tourists in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of preferential. Free tickets to hold temporary activities within the park, the price can be approved by the competent authorities in charge of admission tickets. In addition to the old, young, sick, disabled vehicles used for transport, other vehicles without the permission of the park administration shall not enter the park. A person without capacity shall not enter the park without the guardian.

"procedures" also stipulates that the unauthorized commercial or recreational facilities in the park, by the competent department of Xining City Garden administration shall be ordered to stop their activities, make corrections, loss, liability law, impose a 10 thousand yuan fine of 30 thousand yuan. In the park, spitting, urinating, littering (nuclear), paper, cigarette butts and other waste, carrying pets, the relevant departments will be ordered to make corrections, refused to change;


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