Chengdong district meetings defense work of railway maintenance

Chengdong district meetings defense work of railway maintenance

The afternoon of April 7, 2011, a District Office held a working meeting east district railway protection zone

2011 in the afternoon of April 7th, a District Office held a working meeting east district railway protection zone. District Party committee deputy secretary Fan Tongbin, District Road office, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau of Xining Xining Railway Police Department police station yard, home town, Yun Linjiaya offices, the road team total of 20 people attended the meeting.

, learning to convey the province road protection office "on the strengthening of road safety related emergency notice" and "on the March case involving Road (a) part of the bulletin". Yard police station within the jurisdiction of the railway protecting defense work carried out were informed, and the problems of the communication; two in the office and the two Road Town Road squadron were reported last month work. Overall, since March, through the joint efforts of both sides of the road, there is no major event in my area, the stone hit the train case occurred.

meeting for the next phase of the work arrangements. one is to strengthen the safety of electrified railway learning and publicity. A player should take the initiative to contact railway department, conscientiously carry out the electrified railway safety knowledge publicity and education, further to the railway along the broad masses of publicity and education work, the electrified railway safety All the world knows. known to every family. two is to strengthen the protection of the defense team management education, continue to deepen the education, strong quality, grasping style, strong team training and education activities, strengthen the management of road maintenance team norms. The road team to strengthen the political and business knowledge training, strengthening the ideological construction, firmly establish the master idea, enhance the sense of responsibility and dedication, effectively assume responsibility to implement joint railway protection work. three is to strengthen the road maintenance team and railway public security cooperation, to further unify their thinking, strengthen cooperation and close coordination, the formation of the overall force; to further implement the road linkage, coordination and control of "line" and "line and" prevention and control measures, their respective responsibilities, duties, earnestly. Job duties of Ming and Qing, strict standards, strengthen the railway protection coordination and cooperation, better play the role of Railway Public Security and maintenance team in the professional duty of maintenance of way work, to ensure safe and smooth operation of the railway.



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