City Seismological Bureau and the city people’s Congress jointly carry out the implementation of law

City Seismological Bureau and the city people’s Congress jointly carry out the implementation of law

According to the 2010

earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation of administrative law enforcement inspection work arrangements, the establishment of a joint law enforcement inspection team in November 9th in the District People’s Congress, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, the District Construction Bureau, to carry out the construction project in the city area within the scope of the implementation of the "Xining city construction engineering seismic safety evaluation management measures" of the joint inspection of law enforcement.
the inspection examined a total of four construction projects under construction, construction engineering seismic fortification earthquake check issued by the Department for confirmation of approval procedures and the need for seismic safety evaluation of seismic safety evaluation of construction engineering report. Inspection found that the construction unit to carry out earthquake disaster prevention laws and regulations are uneven, key construction projects, schools are able to do in accordance with the relevant requirements of the construction project seismic fortification requirements confirmation and approval. Individual real estate developers, the construction of seismic safety evaluation work does not attach importance to the existence of the first construction, and even do not have to deal with the requirements of the relevant procedures for seismic fortification requirements. The inspection team of Xining city in Xining, Kim North real estate development limited liability company in accordance with the "earthquake disaster mitigation Act requirements" earnestly the anti-seismic requirements to give praise and affirmation, the behavior of Xining City Kaida industrial development limited liability company in Xining city cultural industry building project of the first building after the formalities the criticism, and decided to block Xining Real Estate Development Co., Mo Street project has not handled the anti-seismic formalities, shall be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.




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