Datong County topped 2012 China medical reform government support list

Datong County topped 2012 China medical reform government support list

2012 26-27 August 2014, Tsinghua University School of economics and management of medical management research center and the people’s daily, people.com.cn public opinion monitoring room in Beijing organized the 2012 China reform government support list conference, comprehensive department, General Hospital of PLA and No.1 Hospital of Peking University Research Office of the State Council on the 12 units of representatives spoke at the meeting, Datong Chinese topped the government support health care reform list.

medical reform, Datong County increasing health investment, health care reform three years a total investment of 262 million yuan of funds, the full implementation of health Huimin policy, vigorously promote the construction of institutional mechanisms, the successful completion of the five key tasks of reform, the county’s urban and rural residents to enjoy the fruits of medical reform. is a solid advance in the construction of medical security system. Basic medical insurance for urban workers and urban residents basic medical insurance coverage rate reached 100% and 96.3% respectively, the new rural cooperative rate of up to 97.07%. two is the full implementation of the essential drug system. All the county government held all the medical institutions to implement the national basic drug system, the basic drug use rate of rural two medical institutions and zero spreads sales rate of up to 100%. County People’s hospital with basic drug allocation rate of 92%, the utilization rate of up to 70%. All levels of medical institutions at all levels of the county strictly implement centralized procurement of essential drugs online, to ensure the quality of drugs, reducing the price of drugs. three is a further improvement of primary health care system. Has implemented the county people’s hospital emergency medical technology building, county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine outpatient building and Jingyang etc. building construction project in 5 hospitals, built Jing Yang Zhen Gan Shu Wan Cun 7 village health room. Send 797 staff participated in the training of general practitioners, the provincial hospital to China-Japan Friendship Hospital for further study and training, so that medical personnel structure has been improved gradually at the grassroots level, to further enhance the ability of service. four is the basic public health service effectively, improve the basic public health assessment, to further standardize the basic public health services, urban and rural residents electronic health records filing rate was 90.34%, hypertension and diabetes management rate reached 89.58% and 87.64% respectively. A total of three years to complete the rural women cervical cancer screening for breast cancer screening 16851 people, 6000 people, poor treatment of senile cataract of 410 people, rural maternal hospital childbirth subsidy of 14765 people, the construction of harmless sanitary toilets 13856. five is a breakthrough in the reform of public hospitals in . Open selection of the leadership of the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Hexian People’s Hospital, vice president of the second people’s Hospital and township health center. Two medical institutions and the full implementation of the posts and pay for performance, mobilize the enthusiasm of staff. Optimization of outpatient treatment process, shorten the time of the masses Hou diagnosis, the implementation of non holiday clinic system, the results of mutual recognition of the 15 projects such as convenience Huimin policy. The county people’s Hospital chose 17 kinds of diseases to carry out the clinical pathway management;


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