deployed this winter and spring fire prevention and control

deployed this winter and spring fire prevention and control

November 12th, learned from the Xining 2013 winter and spring fire prevention and control work of mobilization and the second joint meeting on fire, fire prevention and control work according to this winter and spring, the focus of governance, from now until March 2014, is divided into three stages, the municipal government will organize relevant departments to carry out supervision and inspection, the inspection team, to ensure that this winter and spring fire prevention and control work smoothly.

it is understood that the winter and spring fire prevention and control work, the first stage is the foundation to carry out fire safety investigation large remediation activities "look back", the focus of remediation major fire hazard units and the government listed "three in one" place, "nine small" places, high-rise and underground buildings, and modification of major focus fire hazard, and strive to all the government supervise the handling of all units to complete the rectification before the end of the year, delisting case. The second stage, according to the characteristics of Christmas Eve, Christmas, new year’s Day "during the flow of logistics is relatively concentrated, carry out special treatment for the hotel restaurant, public places of entertainment, markets, wholesale markets, supermarkets and other places, and resolutely prevent all kinds of fire accident occurred. The third stage, the focus is on the "Spring Festival, Lantern Festival" and the national and provincial "NPC and CPPCC" period, the county for all kinds of shopping malls market, public gathering places and large festivals places, inflammable and explosive field area so and provincial "NPC and CPPCC" conference venue, resident representatives to carry out special treatment, the implementation of the "zero night" action in the key node, uninterrupted implementation of inspection and supervision and monitoring of key parts, to ensure that the city’s fire situation is stable.



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