Fine management so that the vitality of unlimited

Fine management so that the vitality of unlimited

to establish the "three bags before the door" to implement the responsibility system for star selection and incentive mechanism; more than 80 sanitation workers in the sanitation of public rental housing; invested $750 thousand in the construction of the sanitation workers to rest; 21 building body lighting…… In January 27th, the reporter learned from the city district, Chengzhong District continue to promote the city management level, level, achieve fine management requirements, the city management tentacles from the main street to Street Lane area, by focusing on time management to all-weather management, sanitation management by single to comprehensive management.

it is understood that the city district government attaches great importance to city management work fine, aiming at the existing problems and the situation in central fine work, formulated the "Chengzhong district work fine management comprehensive evaluation method", the district government to come up with 1 million 500 thousand annually, and listed on the award funds, monthly reward for excellent unit evaluation in, promote the implementation of central fine work. The establishment of "in front of three" to implement the responsibility system of star selection and incentive mechanism, each quarter of the main avenue, "in front of three" responsibility system implementation of an assessment, appraisal and reward in front of three responsibility to implement advanced units. At present, three awards have been carried out, with a reward of $52 thousand, with a bonus of $28. This year, and improved assessment methods put forward new requirements, the new approach will be rewarded the first monthly evaluation units, ranking the last unit of punishment. 3 consecutive ranked last units in addition to accept economic penalties, will also ask the main person responsible for the accountability of the unit. The construction of sanitation and public rental housing sanitation workers to solve the sanitation workers living difficulties, creating a comfortable working environment. Actively coordinate and promote the building body lighting, in 2013, the District completed a total of 21 South Street Agricultural Bank of the body of the lighting work, beautify the central scene. Fine sanitation operations, to ensure clean, management personnel to achieve the "four", that is, to think and see, check the cleaning staff said, do the "three Qin", namely diligent diligenthardworking legs. Each street will be "field type" division of responsibility, the responsibility of cleaning and cleaning to managers and cleaners, and do the task to the people, the responsibility to the people. Invested 750 thousand yuan, construction of 20 sanitation workers resting point, provide the rest place for sanitation workers. Invested 2 million yuan, update, add peel box of 1000, garbage bucket of 100, the purchase of some rural garbage containers. Maintenance and maintenance of 200 cases. The transformation of the 30 public toilets, 46 straight toilets all free open. Investment of 3 million yuan, in the East Avenue and main street and Evergreen Park, Qingtang city ruins park located 18 mobile public toilets.

at the same time, efforts to create small urban construction quality boutique projects. Has completed the No. 31 Nanshan Road, -33 Road, No. 122 hospital street comity hardening surface hardening, Nanchuan road mine construction road, No. 85 Hospital Road Nanchuan road concrete pouring work hardening. And kylin lane, mill village road lamp installation and North Street, South Gate Street Pedestrian guardrail installation engineering. For the public to provide a good environment for travel. In order to improve the living environment of residents, and increase the transformation of shanty towns;


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