Huangzhong national unity and friendship in full bloom

Huangzhong national unity and friendship in full bloom

Huangzhong is a long history of the land, the history of all nationalities lived together on this piece of land, their mutual unity, solidarity, common interpretation of the Huangzhong multi-ethnic cultural integration wonderful history, contributed to this piece of land on the multi-ethnic, multi religious history. Today, there are 13 ethnic groups in Huangzhong, Tibet, Tibet, Mongolia, etc.. Minority population accounts for 25.54% of the total population of the county, the county has Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity and other religious activities of religious people 85, more than 130 thousand people, the county has more religious, ethnic and religious minorities, religious people, temples, teaching staff more than more than and 5 situation. In recent years, the county to "only to unity, harmony and stability, in order to produce the formation of cohesion, creativity, the creation of productive forces" as the starting point, to strengthen the religious management as the basis, to establish a model of national unity as the starting point, the county’s ethnic solidarity, jointly composed a song touching song of national unity. Today, the "cannot do without the Han ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities cannot do without the Han nationality, various ethnic groups are also cannot do without" thinking and the party’s national policy support, between ethnic solidarity has become common practice. The United nation seeking unity, harmony and development, jointly build a beautiful new Huangzhong.

county temple management to complete the province model

in recent years, Huangzhong County Based on the basic situation in the multi-ethnic, multi religious coexistence, to build peace temple as an important content of the construction of peace in Huangzhong and the construction of harmonious Huangzhong, maintaining social stability and effective measures, in view of complexity and the ethnic and religious fields of social management work is special and long-term, to "strong management, maintaining stability and promoting harmony" as the general requirements to service and management and the idea for the work, and actively explore a new method, do ethnic and religious social management work under the new situation.


County United Front Work Department Minister Li Lianchun told reporters that the ethnic and religious work is a huge social system engineering, well under the new situation of the ethnic and religious work, should be based on the grasp the direction, continue to strengthen and improve the Party leadership of the ethnic and religious work, and constantly improve the system, the formation of various departments coordination, duties, Qi the work pattern. Adhere to the purpose of serving the social development, maintaining social stability as the goal, to resolve social conflicts as the focus, do a good job of social management of the temple.

in the temple management, the county has always been to establish a sense of service. In recent years, the United Front, the people of these departments to coordinate the relevant departments for the county has 6 Tibetan monasteries and more than 800 Mingseng;


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