Municipal Party committee to do the four adhere to promote the ideological and moral construction of

Municipal Party committee to do the four adhere to promote the ideological and moral construction of

municipal Party committee closely combined with the characteristics of the work of the Communist Youth League, dedicated to the minor starting point and the foothold of the healthy growth of the service as a work, give full play to the functions of the Communist Youth League organizations, to achieve the "four sticks", received good results.

a , adhere to ideological education, enhance the ideals and beliefs of minors. the use of minors by way of education, to the construction of civilized and harmonious campus "," hand in hand, a total of tree view of honor and Disgrace "as the theme, to carry out various forms and levels of education in patriotism and revolutionary tradition in the minors.

two , adhere to moral education, cultivate good civilized behavior. guide minors to be a moral person, carry out moral practice, through the development of the national spirit, Yang Jian Scholarly Campus "red scarf Reading Festival, the big hand little hand of civilized practice, guide minors to enhance social responsibility and sense of mission to study.

three , adhere to the practice of educating people to promote the healthy growth of minors. adhere to the "Eagles" system for activity evaluation of adults quality development and incentives, through the "I’m a little collector" and other activities to help them understand the society, trained skills, healthy growth, and carry out the ideological and moral construction of minors summer camp in the summer.

  four , adhere to environmental education, protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors. established the Youth Rights Kong, launched the "12355 youth desk", and strive to create a good social atmosphere for protection of minors; actively relying on social forces to raise funds to carry out caring student, assisting poor students 3343.



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