Beautiful city happy home Xining Spring Festival staged a wonderful year of the snake

Beautiful city happy home Xining Spring Festival staged a wonderful year of the snake

passionate dance "inspired" xiadou, sketch "dream picturesque" touch one deeply in the heart, full of local ethnic customs of the flowers "flowers" xiadou diffuse charm medley…… A national celebration, annual inventory, whole moving Xining snake spring festival gala, the evening of February 1st at the Qinghai theater staged wonderful.

sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, Xining TV host "Jinshe Ruichun" in Xining city in 2013 and the second session of the Spring Festival Gala, with "beautiful city, happy homes" as the theme, through a way into the business, community auditions find everything fresh and new. Ordinary citizens and social groups in the more than and 100 people, a collection of stars, celebrities, the most popular elements of red Xining in 2012, to show the full range of the characteristics of Xining local culture, the party’s passion, full of flavor.

party is divided into joy and happiness and beautiful three chapters, consisting of 18 wonderful programs, these programs reflect the people of Xining on the upgrade of happy life sketch, reflecting Xining people full of joy a celebration of erhu, also reflects the harmonious coexistence of people of all nationalities in Xining auspicious dance. The tastes, distinctive and popular folk art forms, sing the praises of the new era, celebrating the new life, eulogize the beauty of Qinghai.

by the famous singer Han Jing and Liu Jialiang brought the "happy life", "not your day I really good lonely", "let love fly", "love Qinghai" and other songs, the atmosphere to a climax. The whole party at the National Union dance "sing new life" came to an end. (author: Xiao Shu)


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