Qinghai golden tourism season opened the curtain

Qinghai golden tourism season opened the curtain

6783 months a year, can be called Qinghai’s golden tourism season". Recently, the reporter visited Qinghai major travel agencies, scenic spots, picking garden was informed that since June, warmer temperatures in most areas of Qinghai and the mainland quickly, compared to open fire weather, warm in a cool climate and multiple strange big beautiful scenery, is driven by rapid warming of the province’s tourism, tourists come to Qinghai province a number of tourists. Dragon Boat Festival is expected during the small holiday, the province will usher in the first peak of the golden tourism season.

by visiting reporters learned that the recent foreign tourists into the obvious more. In Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery scenic area and the Guide two ace and mutual assistance, and other major tourist scenic spots in Xunhua County, one of a foreign accent travel team, under the leadership of the tour queue or sightseeing, there are a large number of combination of 35 individual holding mobile phone enthusiastically tour photos. In many scenic parking lot, hanging around the license of the private car has become a unique landscape, especially from Gansu, Beijing, Sichuan and other places are the majority of vehicles.

Qinghai Populus travel agency responsible person, since May, the field to the green tourists gradually increased, especially in June, the province is more than the team travel orders.

Zongzhai City District of Xining city

plateau high prototype modern urban agricultural science and technology demonstration park responsible person, recently to the park outing, sightseeing and picking the visitors a day more than a day, is expected to Dragon Boat Festival holiday period, visitors will be more than in previous years.

in the Ring Road on Qinghai Lake, the field of self driving license recently soared, especially on weekends. Since has entered Huang fish migratory season, in the last year, CCTV broadcast and early media propaganda under the influence of this year attracted Huang fish migration watch come in a throng of tourists inside and outside the province of the wonders of the world. The grassland is green, boundless expanse of blue water is facing the scenery all the way riding tourists are everywhere, the farming family began to work again.

at the same time, the reporter recently in the province’s largest tourist destination in Xining City, a number of characteristics of food and beverage street to see the perfect scenery in the evening to enjoy the local taste of local food tourists flock.

in Mo street Qinghai, set a variety of pasta, yogurt, etc. casserole niangpi delicacy all in one service Ma Zhong restaurants, almost every day, dinner service staff said: "The house is full of guests., summer restaurant mainly foreign tourists, and now the market has been very obvious."

It is reported that

, as a new round of season tour of our province, the tourism industry, the exhibition highlights each of the coup, Qinghai Kang Hui international travel agency launched the "through the Hoh Xil," West "," beauty of Qinghai "three classic driving circuit. Many scenic spots combined with their own characteristics, have held a variety of activities to attract tourists. Huangzhong County launched the first Scarecrow Creative Arts Festival in Qinghai, so that the majority of visitors close to nature, enjoy the lush vegetation of Forest Park, beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers. The 2016 Qinghai Lake international sculpture and landscape art to be held in Milton scenic tourist season, launched the opening ceremony tickets; Qilian county;


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