The implementation of the province’s 2014 college entrance examination promulgated

The implementation of the province’s 2014 college entrance examination promulgated

March 20th, the province of Qinghai in 2014 the implementation of the rules of the college admissions work introduced, combined with the provincial situation identified the college entrance examination enrollment policy in 2014.

in our province this year’s college entrance examination examination form and subject

use unified proposition of Ministry of education, the implementation of the new curriculum plan. Examination for 3+x ("3" for language, mathematics, foreign language, "X" for liberal arts comprehensive or science synthesis.

language, mathematics, foreign language, each out of 150 points, integrated arts, science comprehensive out of 300 points.

language points between English and Russian, Japanese and French, German and Spanish six languages, by the candidates to choose a.

counterpart vocational: Chinese, math and English, the proposition of each out of 150 points.

"MKM" candidates, two kinds of Mongolian Tibetan Chinese bilingual. The two candidates in national hankao (MHK three) by the Ministry of education for life, out of 150 points.

points, priority admission policy to benefit the following candidates

– any one of the following candidates, may be appropriate to increase the scores Toudang candidates exam results based on a review by the university to decide whether to admit. The same as with a number of candidates plus Toudang conditions, can only take the item with the highest score.

3 in the pastoral areas of continuous work for more than 15 years, is still working in the pastoral areas;


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