Wang Liming meets with President of Shandong Gold Group Co Ltd Mr Chen Yumin

Wang Liming meets with President of Shandong Gold Group Co Ltd Mr Chen Yumin

6 19, vice governor Wang Liming met to attend the seventeenth session of the Green Fair Shandong Gold Group Limited chairman and party secretary Chen Yumin, the two sides will further strengthen cooperation and realize common development of enterprises, in-depth conversation.

Wang Liming Shandong Gold Group for many years to give thanks for the support of Qinghai, introduced the situation and the development of the industry in Qinghai province. He said that Qinghai is a large province of resources, but also an important ecological security barrier. In recent years, Qinghai adhere to the ecological protection of the first concept, to accelerate the development of recycling economy and realize green development as the important path to change the mode of development, speed up the supply side structural reform, and actively cultivate lithium, new materials, photovoltaic thermal and Saline Lake comprehensive utilization of resources characteristic advantage industry development in the green on the road has taken a solid pace. Shandong gold group is an important gold producer in China, and has been actively involved in Qinghai’s economic construction for many years. I hope the Shandong gold group to further increase capital investment, accelerate resource exploration, in-depth cooperation in resource development, national technology, lithium and other emerging industries.

Chen Yumin said that at present, Qinghai’s development environment and development potential has been getting better, Shandong Gold Group will be adhering to the "ecological mining" concept, continue to support the economic development of Qinghai, planning a number of new projects, efforts to achieve mutual benefit and common development.



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