Xining North named the first batch of beautiful living room Garden

Xining North named the first batch of beautiful living room Garden

July 30th, the reporter walked into the city of Xining twenty miles north of the town of village shop in the home, giving the first feeling is like entering a park in the city of Xue Fubang. The unique China traditional architecture part, what you saw is gone. Along with circular arched corridor corridor inside, I saw the trees, rockery, fountain, pool birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, side by side, creating a harmonious coexistence of people and the environment beautiful picture. This is one of the first selected North City beautiful room (beautiful courtyard) family.

in order to further improve the urban and rural families of the North District civilization consciousness, advocating scientific civilized and healthy way of life, leading the family to build a green environment, green life sharing, build a beautiful family circle, urban and rural women and family incentives to create a comfortable, warm, low carbon environmental protection family environment, promote the harmonious development of man and nature. North District Women’s Federation, the North City District Environmental Protection Bureau in 5 to June to carry out a beautiful room for a period of two months (beautiful courtyard) selection activities. The contest received a positive response and participation of the vast area of the family, towns, streets, the District Women’s Federation of the Commission after the initial evaluation, submitted to the District Women’s Federation participating in a total of 34 households. After careful evaluation, 9 beautiful rooms, named after the beautiful courtyard of the 8, and in the district government portal to focus on display. (author: Su Jianping Yang Xiaomin)


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