Province invested 570 million Yuan Yang Reservoir started

Province invested 570 million Yuan Yang Reservoir started

celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the national celebration of the moment, the province’s water conservancy construction and then spread the good news. June 30th, with a total investment of 570 million Yuan Yang Reservoir in the east of the city of Ledu District, the town of Gao Yang village officially started construction. The construction of the project will be the rational development and utilization of regional water resources for the downstream cities and towns to provide reliable water resources and industrial and agricultural development.

Yang reservoir is located in the sea east city in Ledu District of Shuimogou High Town, distance Ledu city about 30 kilometers, the total reservoir capacity of 16 million 170 thousand cubic meters, is a set of water supply, irrigation and other functions of 3 medium-sized water conservancy project. The main building of the project is composed of the dam, the emptying tunnel and the water diversion pipeline, and the re built highway.


reservoir in 2020 will be built with the upstream primer Da Ji organic combination of water diversion channel project of Huang total, each year 444 thousand people, Ledu District Agricultural Demonstration Park, Central Park irrigation livestock and industrial production 27 million 10 thousand cubic meters of water, will effectively solve the contradiction between the Ledu district industry and agricultural production and living water problems, water resources will play support an important role in promoting economic and social development of the region.



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