Xining financial support for farmers to stimulate entrepreneurial momentum

Xining financial support for farmers to stimulate entrepreneurial momentum

innovative financial poverty alleviation is a key element of Xining’s financial reform. At present, the city has formed a more perfect rural financial system, the reform of rural poverty alleviation policy financial support, without collateral, the credit loans, many farmers from the family to make arrangements for the breeding and planting industry, began to get rich. In October 10th, the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang and finance, finance, agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation department related personnel to go to Huangyuan County Rural Village, Sun Bo hang Taiwan Xiang Sun Village research financial boost poverty alleviation.

At present, the

municipal government in poor areas of financial industry pilot poverty alleviation, industry financial poverty alleviation pilot projects in the pilot village, leveraging funds of bank funds, the project households mortgage unsecured credit loans to support farmers to carry out the family, family farming, aquaculture and livestock products processing and labor export, many farmers benefited from. Huangyuan County wave Township village was listed as a pilot project after the village, the village has 43 households to finance poverty alleviation loans of $1 million 940 thousand.

Yan Shujiang pointed out in the research, this is our city to further promote financial reform and innovation of the start of the year, all localities and departments should attach great importance to the work of poverty alleviation of rural finance, deepen the reform of the financial system, promote rural development, agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income. All relevant departments should actively cooperate with the financial departments to jointly promote the innovation and perfection of the mechanism of poverty alleviation and development of financial services; to construct financial poverty alleviation environment, guide the demonstration of good poverty alleviation projects, the establishment of common poor villages in poor areas, poor people strive to put more into the credit rating to further expand the size of loans, the extension of the loan period, try to meet the funding needs of poor people to develop production. At the same time, we should increase policy advocacy efforts, strengthen coordination and cooperation, to provide effective financial services for rural poverty alleviation and development.



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