Xining increase 62 long distance ticket outlets

Xining increase 62 long distance ticket outlets

is now more convenient than before, and do not have to go to the special ticket to Xining bus station, the home of the postal outlets can buy." Mr. Zhang told reporters that his home in Datong County, because of work reasons often in Xining and Lanzhou, every time to advance to Xining or friend to the bus station to buy a ticket, now the postal company in various outlets began outlets originating in Xining bus ticket, in Datong County postal outlets can buy tickets, no longer trouble friends.

reporter at the Xining bus station ticket office to see the ticket window to buy a lot of people than in the past a lot of less than 10 minutes to queue up to buy tickets. According to the production and operation of the staff of the Xining bus station, the bus station in Xining business information network ticketing system and the postal company in the Internet, the postal company belongs to the province’s 150 outlets (Xining City 62) real-time ticket, to fill the gaps in our province there is no highway network ticketing system, in which where is the passenger tickets at the same time, but also improve the working efficiency of the bus station.

at present, except Xining to chase, mutual aid, airport, peace, Huang Zhongtian, Zhai Dongshan, Xishan, mutual assistance of the intercity bus ticket, Xining (including three counties) bus tickets two hours three days before the departure between the postal outlets all over the country for sale before the departure. Like the Grand Cross, South Street, central square, Bridge Street, 54 street, lane, microwave Dongguan Street, in the village, five bridge, unity bridge downtown, as long as the postal outlets, you can buy a ticket, do not have to go to the station to buy tickets. However, it should be noted that the postal outlets only sell tickets, do not apply for refund business, refund to the Xining bus station ticket office. (author: Xiaofeng)


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