Xining branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to support Qinghai’s economic development

Xining branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to support Qinghai’s economic development

2012, is the year of the eighteen great victory of the party, but also the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Xining branch grand opening of the year. To this end, Xining branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank adhering to the "honest, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, firmly grasp the opportunities for development, efforts to promote work initiatives, development ideas more clear, institution construction is progressing well, related business has developed rapidly, and improve the level of service, showing a rapid development momentum of healthy and stable, for in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to accelerate the economic development of Qinghai into a powerful force.

guided by Scientific Outlook on Development, clear strategic development goals. As in Qinghai financial market the first new joint-stock commercial banks, the bank with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, a profound understanding of Qinghai province "leapfrog development, green development, harmonious development and the overall development of the overall work requirements, combined with Qinghai province and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of the" 12th Five-Year "development plan" will be the fastest, business development the internal control system of the whole, the optimal asset quality, per capita benefit highest, service image best and most competitive local leading joint-stock commercial banks as the goal, the formulation and implementation of the "integrated development strategy", namely: "based in Xining, radiation in Qinghai Tibet region, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Xining branch business development into Qinghai the economic and social development environment, combined with the target and characteristics of industrial structure of Qinghai economic and social development, and strive to forge ahead, Seek truth from facts and achieve steady, sustained and healthy development." At the same time, highlight the "four directions", namely: Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone as the basis, in the Qaidam circular economy pilot zones and Haidong Economic Development Zone in Qinghai Province as a platform for the implementation of the "four zone two line" strategy as an opportunity, the park economy, resource advantage, cultural tourism industry projects and the people’s livelihood as the main direction.

to the customer as the center, to increase support for local economic construction. In the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank head office under the support of the implementation of the 100% loan deposit ratio control plan, means that all deposits will be used for the construction of local economy, firm determination and aspiration fully reflects the Xining branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to support the economic development of Qinghai.

since its opening, the line of the provincial backbone enterprises, characteristics and advantages of the province industry, infrastructure construction, ecological environment construction, livelihood projects and post disaster reconstruction projects and other key enterprises, the engineering project has given strong support, constantly optimize the credit structure, expand credit scale. Such as: support the tea card to Golmud highway construction project is 2 billion yuan, support of the province’s key large-scale enterprises a total of 1 billion 100 million yuan to support the Qaidam circular economy pilot area demonstration projects a total of 500 million yuan, the Xining Railway Station to support shantytowns project a total of 350 million yuan to support the province of large water conservancy and hydropower construction project a total of 200 million yuan. At the same time, the rapid development of the active involvement and support of government financing platform to support health platform, reasonable compliance in the construction and construction projects, through subsidiaries and direct cooperation, on the platform of cash flow full coverage of the project to give active support.

the bank actively research the economy;


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