Xining City North District continue to improve people’s livelihood force

Xining City North District continue to improve people’s livelihood force

Xining city in the planning of this year’s work, to improve the livelihood of the people as the focal point, continue to ensure that the proportion of financial investment in the people’s livelihood of not less than 80%, in order to speed up the construction of the well-being of the northern region to provide financial support.

in order to improve the masses of all ethnic groups in the North District in the development of happiness index, this year’s investment to continue to tilt to the people’s livelihood, the income of urban residents and farmers to maintain two digit growth based on the requirements of the annual livelihood invested 186 million yuan, an increase of 35.7%, accounting for 80.6% of total fiscal expenditure. The implementation of school safety engineering and standardization of school construction, the completion of Qilian Road Primary School, twenty miles of public kindergartens in the Jian Xinjian project. On the basis of the promotion of student egg milk project, the implementation of the pilot free lunch remote primary school. Adhere to the employment of the people, to speed up the construction of business incubator base area, the implementation of special employment training, and effectively protect the 4045 and the town of zero employment families, poor families, as well as the employment of rural surplus labor. Support people to start their own businesses, to support the development of small and micro enterprises, the completion of the district employment training and guidance center to promote entrepreneurship employment.

to further improve the social pension insurance system, the full implementation of the medical insurance for urban residents, the consolidation of the new rural cooperative medical achievements, increase urban and rural all kinds of protection of housing construction, efforts to solve masses pension difficult, difficult issues such as housing, medical treatment is difficult. We will continue to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, improve the community and village medical and health service facilities, and strive to explore the road to the development of primary health care with the characteristics of the North area. Promote the construction of cultural centers, accelerate the completion of a number of towns (street) cultural stations, cultural activities room and cultural compound, to meet the diverse and multi-level spiritual and cultural needs of the masses. (author: Xiao Liu)


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