Repair project started in Xining City Saline Lake Lane 13 national day before the resumption of wat

Repair project started in Xining City Saline Lake Lane 13 national day before the resumption of wat

in September 22nd, in Xining city tiger Station Office actively coordinate, Saline Lake Lane 13 hospital water pipe repair project started smoothly, the courtyard of the water supply will return to normal before the national day.

Lane 13, Saline Lake hospital and Xining city heating company is a common use of water pipes, water pipes in the hospital some time ago, there Water Leakage phenomenon, Water Leakage caused by water supply should be borne by the residents, the residents do not want to; at the same time, continuous water overflow, residents worried about the impact of the building body. The repair pipeline must pass through the heating company Water Leakage road excavation, therefore, No. 13 hospital residents repeatedly contact with the company, ask the road excavation repair pipeline, but heating companies are afraid of construction damage of pavement construction, refuse. 13 residents of the hospital can only take the time limit of water supply approach to ease the pipeline leakage.

on the 22 day, the tiger Taiwan Office of urban management department and medical Cai Xiang Dong community members convened Saline Lake No. 13 Lane Hospital owners and company, by mutual consultation, water restoration project has already started, 13 homes will be normal water supply before the national day.


warm welcome holiday dress

newspaper news (reporter Zhang Pu trainee reporter and sub static) September 19th at noon, rain beating the window, Li Jin Choi posted a reminder stickers in the carriage language. Li Jincai is the captain of the Xining city bus limited liability company six team, he said, these days, to create a warm car, bus company renovation requirements, meet the National Day holiday to tidy capacity car appearance, the staff gave up the rest, dressing up for buses".

yesterday, according to a bus company concerned, even the day, they on the 1 road, 3 Road, 5 road, 6 road, 9 Road, 22 road and other lines of the bus "treatment" and "beauty", maintenance and renewal of cabin facilities. Now the bus line to replace the more than and 100 chairs, "big face" bus be scrubbed clean.



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