Xining with the Lake Race hand in hand

Xining with the Lake Race hand in hand

fifteen years of fruitful, Lake race continues to thrive, ushered in the fifteenth birthday.

Lu force

contained fifteen concentric, Xining, once the highland Town, complete the transformation in the way, and the match forward hand in hand, finally developed into a well-known Tibetan Plateau modern central city in domestic and international.

only in the past five years, Xining has shown a good momentum of development, urban and rural areas of great change, the people have the benefits of win-win situation:

– the total economy to a large scale, the main economic indicators in the forefront of the provincial capital cities.

– traditional industries and emerging industries two wheel drive, two-way force, the formation of a modern industrial system. Adhere to the direction of the development of circular economy, the industry maintained an average annual growth rate of 17.4% in difficulties, supporting the city’s steady and rapid economic growth.

– continue to promote the park, city, county go hand in hand, the coordinated development of urban and rural areas to achieve new results.

– efforts to promote urban expansion and upgrading, and constantly strengthen infrastructure construction, comprehensive carrying capacity significantly improved.

, push forward the construction of ecological civilization, green coverage reached 40.5%; Nanshan green barrier project won the "Chinese Habitat Environment Award"; in the capital city of Northwest China in the first to build a "National Forest City", add a national name card.


riding in Xining, asked the development of a change of agitation.

Xining, as an important node in the city Belt and Road Initiative ", the economic and social development achievements at the same time, the masses on the road and lake race forward hand in hand, to broaden our horizons, more open attitude, showing a more confident outlook on the road of development.

July, walking the streets of Xining, surrounded by trees flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. After fifteen years of uninterrupted green project and the water into the city "project implementation, Xining bid farewell to the sand all over the sky, ushered in the full of green and clear water, let come to participate in the game players can race around the lake in the beautiful natural environment in the competitive struggle, let onlookers cry, the audience in the tourists enjoy the wonderful the remainder of the game, feel Xining’s natural beauty and cultural beauty of city construction.

talked about Xining city landmark, in addition to the central square, square and other beautiful city sunning outside the living room, located in the lake district and other atmospheric chic sports center is always in the column, as the starting point of the race around the lake, the sports center has been given more significance. Every year during the lake race, from the aerial view of the sports center, the kind of Qinghai sports development and enhance the spirit of the masses greatly enhance the sense of pride in the mind.

with the development of the lake race, Xining’s sports venues and sports facilities have been considerable development. In addition to the construction of the sports center, each district is equipped with sports fitness facilities. Because the lake race, the sport has become more and more people’s hobby, Xining city;


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