Xining small micro Hotel survey

Xining small micro Hotel survey

Xining small hotel survey The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount  

Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the so-called small micro small hotel), is refers to through the use of its own, lease and other means of legally owned vacant residential buildings, courtyards, idle rural construction of tourism and investment in commercial real estate, according to the small hotel service quality standards by the conversion, after decoration with the basic living conditions of accommodation. The passenger accommodation for the reception object, individual, partnership or company management as the main form of the small (10 employees and more than 100 people, and operating income of 1 million yuan and above 20 million yuan) and micro (employing less than 10 people or business income below 1 million yuan) tourist reception places.

alley deep, but also to have the taste of home

from the beginning of 2000, Qinghai tourism development into the fast lane, more and more tourists into Qinghai. Especially in the tourist season, the traditional social hotel has long been unable to meet the needs of tourists accommodation. Therefore, the family hotel as a new form of development. As far as geographical location is concerned, family hotels are more common in residential areas than social ones. In order to highlight the difference with the social Hotel, in the decoration style, the family hotel try to create a sense of home to attract customers.

is located in the north of the city of music family apartment in Chaoyang West Road, a residential area, to see a painting into a yellow six storey building, which is the music off family apartment. Into this family hotel, the waiter greeted the corridor and guests come to stay. "I should have let you have a look at the house, but this time it’s full." Li Wei, general manager of music family apartment apartment.

in order to enhance visibility as soon as possible, but also in order to make the guests feel at home, happy family apartment provides a convenient one-stop service. Free shuttle service is available after booking.

from Guangdong, Zhejiang Province, Ms. Chen and his family are happy family apartment apartment on the first floor of the dining room to discuss the next few days of travel in Huizhou. "We live in such a taste of love hotels, living here is very comfortable, not only that, there are cheap car rental and tour guide service, the first floor of the restaurant so that we can enjoy authentic Qinghai delicacy. If we come back to Qinghai next time, we will still live here." Ms. Chen said.


family Yongsheng West District hotel to limeng commercial street as the center, has 30 sets the size of the room. From the opening to the present just a month, the family hotel occupancy rate has reached 100%. Li Jun, who lives in the family hotel, said: our advantages in addition to marketing strategy, located in the commercial street area, but also our location advantage. Commercial street is a collection of tourism, catering, consumption in one, to a certain extent, for us to attract a large number of customers."

no facade, but also to promote marketing

because it is the tourist season, yongsheng;


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