Air quality ranked first in Northwest China

Air quality ranked first in Northwest China

April 29th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the country’s 74 cities in March air quality rankings, in March, Xining’s air quality excellent rate of 54.84%, ranking the first in the country, the first in the northwest of the provincial capital of five cities in the top 36.The number of days of good

Xining geographical location and natural conditions, Xining has decided to cleanse the air dust is hard, but what can not stop the provincial government, the municipal government will have a blue sky to the people. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng repeatedly put forward specific requirements on the city’s pollution control work, has repeatedly in his speech, instructions and talk to the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city has raised serious, strict, strict requirements. The municipal government attaches great importance to our city is the pollution control work, mayor Wang Yubo since last year held monthly pollution leading group meeting in the NPC and CPPCC again after the first time of the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city put forward specific requirements, arrange the work deployment of pollution; at the same time each month dozens of times to the area of air pollution control work, enterprise site supervision and. The city next to the three strict three real spirit, strong and efficient to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution control work, to form the city’s moving up and down together, to jointly promote the good situation. In order to control air pollution, the city’s cadres have made arduous efforts. In this year the city’s comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution and the year working meeting, the municipal government put forward the effectiveness of pollution control to let people see, let people see the blue sky and white clouds, visible stars at night.

protracted siege of pollution source pollution

spring, my city sand days, in order not to disturb the air quality fugitive dust in our city, our city from the beginning of February, the winter construction site to layun muck approval, standardize management, taking concrete production;


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