Xining City Office of the Southern District into a good place for residents

Xining City Office of the Southern District into a good place for residents

on the morning of July 2nd, walked into the city of Xining, South Beach office 90 square meters of the library, head to the scholarly atmosphere, moved the reporter. Several residents were sitting on a bench in front of the bookshelf, looking intently at their health booklets. On the shelves of the library, marked with social science, health knowledge and other signs, to facilitate the selection of residents to read. The bookshelf is also provided with a newspaper rack and a drinking appliance.

in order to further stimulate the residents of the area’s interest in reading, and continuously improve the overall quality of the residents, to promote the construction of spiritual and cultural authority, community and family, the office of the South Beach Library recently to residents free of charge. Guo Yanrong, deputy director of the office told reporters: many residents know that after we set up the library, they came to read, said to take advantage of the free time charge."

resident Wang Shuzhen said that every day to the library reading has become one of the pleasures of her life. She is particularly concerned about the health aspects of the book, from the book she learned health care methods. Residents in the old man could not help interrupted: the library is built at the door, very convenient. Read more books in the library, read the book, we can chat together, and make more friends."

South Beach Street Party committee secretary Cao Xianglan introduced, at present, two new books have been put in place, including history, home, leisure, science, medicine, law, network, and other types of foreign language. South Beach office will also enrich the library collection in the future. "I hope people can find happiness through reading." Cao Xianglan said.



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