7 major projects to carry out the implementation of the Xining City the focus of the 26 key project

7 major projects to carry out the implementation of the Xining City the focus of the 26 key project

March 25th, a reporter from the Xining city held the healthy city construction mobilization meeting was informed that, in the "national sanitary city" title, health education in Xining city has entered a new stage, especially to build livable industry, should travel, pleasant living and vibrant city, embodies the strength and charm, rich affinity city of happiness ", the importance of healthy city construction work has become increasingly prominent. At the same time, combined with the ongoing creation of the national civilized city, environmental protection model city and National Forest City, Xining for the construction of healthy city laid the foundation, therefore, Xining city will use five years to carry out the implementation of the seven projects, 26 key projects, and strive to work healthy city construction has made great progress, making Xining health, harmony and happiness of the Tibetan Plateau modern city center.

it is understood that the construction of healthy city environment including health index, health service index and healthy population index three main targets, as well as health education, health services, health food, health, environmental health, health style social and Health New Rural seven engineering.

– health environment throughout the year two and more than two days more than 85%, centralized drinking water quality compliance rate of 100%, the city sewage treatment rate is greater than or equal to 85%. In addition, the built-up area green coverage rate of 40%, green rate of up to 38%, per capita public green area of up to 12 square meters.

– health services to establish a more perfect and basic medical and health service system, reach B level inspection service ability of the disease control agency, improve the medical emergency rescue system, the community has a better fitness activities, and establish and improve the national physique monitoring system.

The public health

life expectancy reached 74.6 years. Maternal mortality was reduced to below 30/100000, and infant mortality was reduced to below 14/1000. The awareness rate of chronic disease prevention and control knowledge was 70%, and the standardized management rate of hypertension and diabetes patients reached more than 90%. The health behavior formation rate was above 70%, and the awareness rate of basic health knowledge was above 80%. In addition, the proportion of residents to maintain more than moderate intensity exercise (three times a week, each time not less than 30 minutes of physical activity) and the number of people regularly participate in physical exercise on the basis of the existing year by year.

in the seven projects, the focus should be to do 26 projects.


project of health education to do health education into the school, the hospital, into the community project, at the same time, the media will open column, dissemination of health knowledge, advocate healthy behavior.

– health service project to do the health information management and health service system, the community should have a community health service center or service station, the township has a standardized hospital, all administrative villages have a standardized health room, at the same time, health care workers and rural residents medical insurance policy within the scope of hospital expense ratio reached more than 88% and 80%;


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