18 lectures will make party members and cadres reborn

18 lectures will make party members and cadres reborn

To promote educational practice in depth, to further develop the advanced typical education and lead an exemplary role model, the masses in the typical advanced Party organizations at all levels in the city’s elected 8 representatives, composed of advanced typical Tour team, roving team within the city, as of now held a total of 18 field presentations. The city’s nearly more than 5000 leading cadres to listen to the report, the report will be packed, win a round of applause.

it is understood that in preaching activities in the report, the party’s mass line educational practice leading group office, elected by the Xining city procuratorate, Xining city fire brigade, west the Yellow River Road Public Security Bureau police station, Xining Municipal Association for science popularization in the rural areas, the west area of west medicine financial community, 8 members of the southern Shanxi community representative city area composition report advanced typical group, has three counties and four district into the city party and government organs, the rural community and other units for a period of two weeks of practice of the mass line of advanced typical Tour propaganda report.

from Xining city procuratorate deputy director Sha Feng, Xining city police fire brigade political department director Meng Lingzhi, the Yellow River City Public Security Bureau police station Song Ying Road, Xining City, rural science team vice captain Tian Ming, west medicine Cai Xi community director Sun Lan, the typical deeds of advanced areas in South Shanxi City community comprehensive management of Ma Lan and other 8 members comrades in the city launched the selected tree mining practice of the mass line as the theme, with chastity language, vivid examples and sincere feelings about a piece, a pile of touching stories for us, they have dedication pacesetter, serve the people a model of selfless example…… They show the city’s different industries, different positions of the Communist Party style. At the same time, the advanced deeds of these collective and individual party members and cadres to show strong faith, loyal to the party’s political character, work hard, enterprising work style, rooted in pursuit of dedication and hard work, the grass-roots people honest and pragmatic value. And they practice the deeds of the mass line is visible cadres and workers around, learn advanced models.

in the presentations, the municipal public security fire brigade political office director Meng Lingzhi preached in Xining city police fire brigade brigade north of the original captain Comrade Zhang Yong in charge of self sacrifice and fire line to protect people’s lives and property deeds; rural science vice captain Tian Ming told her to overcome difficulties, not afraid of hardship, continue to advance in the dissemination of science the path of knowledge on deeds; Nanshan West Community Comprehensive Management Committee Ma Lan about his work in the community and serve the people wholeheartedly, undivided attention for people to do practical things and good things, build harmonious Sunshine brand community work experience.

by listening to a team of deeds, let the audience live here benefited from the presence of the party members and cadres was deeply infected and impressed the audience have said that every game will report both to the party’s mass line educational practice stage work summary of the many emerging advanced models and advanced deeds give full affirmation and encouragement, will lead to a comprehensive advancement of the party’s mass line of educational practice in the whole society;


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