3 billion 500 million and 126 projects to enhance the strength of the city of Xining

3 billion 500 million and 126 projects to enhance the strength of the city of Xining

3 billion 500 million yuan! 126 projects! This year the city areas continue to force in the construction project, with the support of development, will invest 3 billion 500 million yuan on agriculture, city construction, basic construction, science and education and other aspects, focus on the implementation of the 126 has a strong leading role in the region’s economic and social development project.

The reporter learned from the city

District, Chengzhong district this year and strive in rural infrastructure, comprehensive renovation, village community building, an engineering school and preschool education for more policy and financial support. The financial arrangements of the project construction funds 140 million yuan, an increase of 66.7%, focusing on the implementation of good agricultural facilities, water conservancy construction, rural roads, school project, the construction of standardization and informatization construction, street alley transformation, streetscape renovation, building lighting, landscape engineering, law review our business housing, community building, parking lot, sanitation digital urban management and entrepreneurship Park project, to further improve the economic development and public service conditions.

in the project investment, the city area will take the agricultural infrastructure construction, real estate development, transformation of the old city and commercial facilities construction as the key investment projects, substantial reserves, do deep, do fine, do the preparatory work for investment projects. At the same time, to promote the demolition and collection work, completed in the central square of the North expansion, Beijing Tibet highway (the section) based projects such as demolition tasks, focus on the demolition of Phoenix Road, sea road, lane two, Shangri-La wells three, Shen Zhai area renovation project, actively carry out Nanchuan road shanty town, East Street area, Mo Street area renovation and all kinds of investment projects and real estate development project land demolition work, to ensure the smooth implementation of major projects. (author: Sheng Nan)


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