21 villages and towns for the village tour

21 villages and towns for the village tour

In order to speed up the development of rural tourism, this year, our province will combine tourism and agriculture, the development of rural tourism as an important way to promote the development of new urbanization, urban and rural areas, combined with the beautiful countryside construction, continue to launch a number of the province’s rural tourism demonstration village, continue to promote national and provincial rural tourism demonstration counties, demonstration and rural tourism stars to create, build rural tourism upgrade.

to promote the protection of rural natural and cultural resources, promote the development of rural tourism and rural economic development mode change, recently, our province has identified 14 towns of Longyangxia, Republic of Guide County River town, Golmud city Lemu Yin Guo Town, Huangyuan county and Xiang Tu Er village, Datong County East dry Zhenkang village, Huangyuan County, East gorge gorge country neck Village 7 village as the first batch of provincial characteristic landscape tourism town village, will further increase the characteristics of landscape resources protection, and constantly improve the town and village comprehensive service ability, improve the level of tourism economic development, improve the living environment, increase the income of farmers and herdsmen.


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