Clean government has new changes in the assessment

Clean government has new changes in the assessment

In August 12th, a reporter from the City Commission was informed that this year in our city clean and honest assessment work, the regions, departments and units according to the nature of the work, highlighting the commonness and individuality, classification setting performance goals, change the past examination time, the method is single, under general thick and a test for the year "evaluation is not comprehensive, objective and accurate.It is reported that this year the city of

, I focus on the two responsibilities, and constantly improve the appraisal mechanism, innovative assessment methods, 73 units of the municipal clean government responsibility system in the work target, respectively. Quantitative assessment. The responsibility target set, for the party committees (party), discipline (Discipline Inspection Group) are common goals and individual goals, the common goal of a total of 20, including 12 Party committees (party) the main responsibility and discipline (Discipline Inspection Group) 8 supervision responsibility. In the set of individual goals, the units combined with the actual development of the personality of the work objectives, the implementation of the objectives of the individual responsibility to promote the implementation of the two responsibilities. In the supervision of the responsibility for the establishment of the municipal departments, the people’s organizations and the discipline inspection bodies are not under the authority of the municipal units are listed the objectives of the oversight responsibilities. In setting the target assessment scores, the common target assessment score set to 55 points, the party committees (party) the main responsibility for 31 points, discipline (Discipline Inspection Group) oversight responsibilities 24 points, not the responsibility of the main party discipline inspection organs supervision responsibility 44 points, 11 points; personality goal assessment scores set to 5 points; democratic evaluation the score is set to 10 points; daily check scores set to 17 points; the social evaluation score set to 10 points; weighted points set to 3 points.


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