The ancient port of Shanghai painted with you into the dust laden history the whole

The ancient port of Shanghai painted with you into the dust laden history the whole

Shanghai Millennium ancient harbor, to bring more people to the secret, in this period of history, it will have what value? Shanghai Museum of the archaeological team found the remains of a Guta tower in the excavation site, and accidentally found a well preserved in the Palace of the Earth tower, also unearthed a reclining Buddha statues, Ashoka tower, and other cultural relics.

since 2010, the Shanghai Museum launched a large-scale excavation project in Qingpu Baihe Town area frequently harvest, so far, all kinds of Tang and Song Dynasty porcelain, silver, copper, iron, wood unearthed, tens of thousands. Further analysis revealed that these artifacts from the Changsha kiln, Jingdezhen kiln, Longquan kiln and other famous kilns, and then exported to Japan, Korea, Chinese food, such as the Cochin foreign trade commodity, confirmed that Shanghai is an important sea port since ancient times, the "Silk Road".

· on the concept of Liberation Daily; news according to Shanghai Museum of the latest discoveries, the relevant historical records, and in the light of the paintings in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the heyday of the simulated restoration (two Song) Qinglong port and social landscape map.

with these historical relics, can let more people can uncover the history, and the historical records of Qinglong Town "North Tower" – "seven layer eight side Longping Temple" of the narrative. Longping Temple found that combined with Baihe Town of Qingpu District Qinglong existing tower range, solve the positioning problem of North Qinglong Town landmark, is of great significance to further explore.

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