Yichang strawberry and tea development of agriculture

Yichang strawberry and tea development of agriculture

much of the city has its own economic crops, Hubei Yichang as well as for the majority, after the festival, spring is the season. In Hubei, Yichang, farmers began to busy. From winter to spring tea, strawberry, although this winter and spring they have been busy, but rely on this one red and one green, let the farmers see the hope of getting rich. Consumers, strawberries and tea are not unfamiliar,

spring season, it is a good time to travel. In Hubei Dangyang Wang Zhen River Village, there is a large Greenhouse Strawberry, strawberry picking ripe, to so many tourists.

tourists: I have a friend in this place, she told me that the strawberries here are very good, with us in the city inside the strawberries in the greenhouse is not the same, is pure green, so we came today.

mining happy, eat the fun, visitors forget.

visitors: feeling particularly good, go outside, and found that rape flowers opened, the scenery is particularly beautiful, the boss is also a special passion, so we are very happy.

Jin Fenghua is a strawberry grower in the village, a small strawberry brought her a large income, a bright smile on her face.

Jinfeng Hua: this year can also benefit, anyway, so far, the income has been close to 100 thousand yuan or so, next year, I would like to expand the scale, do a good job if you want to engage in an area of about 20 acres.

only to develop agriculture, will promote local economic development, so many people see the advantages of development, for the industry to help the poor, make precise positioning, to promote the project, the formation of brand and scale, to stimulate farmers’ internal power, will form a virtuous cycle of poor people, who at the project, close to the market, "the capital market.

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