How to treat the say customer Business

How to treat the say customer Business

some people do not stop for a day, but some people can not speak all day, this is the difference. "On the one hundred, all kinds of", we will always encounter a variety of people in life, the same day will encounter a variety of customer management. Some customers come to the store will soon be able to clear their goals, choose to pay the goods to leave, the owner of the customer happy. Some customers have not wait, after entering the shop, look around, don’t ask? Fear of customers that we are not enthusiastic attitude, ask? Fear of customers that we think about the money in his pocket, the door to actively promote their products.

also looks like some customers to buy things like, you can ask the enthusiasm to help him, or ask him what to buy, but he be neither hot nor cold. A: "I’ll see", and no matter how you ask him is not open, choke you can not say a word. In the management of headache is the most Chrysostom difficult to open a pair of a thousand li away customers, make it difficult to know their thoughts. How to pry open the customer "Chrysostom, let the customer no longer" say "?

scene a smile melts the customer apathy

remember once saw a customer in the door, I smiled and asked: "what do you need? Do you need my help?" I never thought my enthusiasm has snubbed. The customer replies coldly: "I see." The face of the indifference of the customer, I did not step by step, but a smile on the side: "you look at, when you need to call me a good."

allow customers to pick their own, turn a circle, the customer see I have been smiling at him, a little embarrassed, after buying a snack to leave. A variety of customers we have to face, especially for some of you no matter how enthusiastic he is indifferent to the face of the customer, I really do not want to re. However, the thought of our business is the service. Say vulgar point even if it is for the customer money, we can only do smile.

scene two series of good guidance to guide customers to open

one day an aunt came to the store. No matter how I ask, aunt is difficult to open mouth. Originally I have a little impatient, feel that they have been warm and thoughtful. Thought: why so big? You love to buy or not, I do not need you this buyer. However, I saw a big circle aunt, the last look in the shop on the heap of milk on the free. "Aunt? Are you going to buy pure milk? Yogurt? Yogurt?" "Oh, I’m going to the hospital to see the patient. I don’t know what to buy"

"look at the patient’s milk is the best choice, ask the patient is young? Or a little older?" "Old people, what to buy milk better?" "Old people don’t like to drink yogurt, I’m here to drink milk."


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