Right to play music can make the whole shop business is booming

Right to play music can make the whole shop business is booming

shop if you can play music correctly, which undoubtedly has a very big appeal for the customer, so that the business can be booming shop. In a word, music, easy to enter the hearts of people, to moisten things silently, you may not remember some advertising advertising words, but what kind of music sounded, you can know what it is by first reaction products.


according to time

morning should be fresh, melodious melody, to remind the clerk a new day; farewell song can be fast-paced rock, urging customers to leave quickly. Summer, choose a song to make the customer instantly refreshed; winter wind cold, warm and warm music to make people feel the warmth. Holiday midday high passenger flow, should reduce the volume, in order to calm the tune of the customer’s psychological adjustment, and the passenger flow is too small, should be appropriate to use the new song to mobilize the mood of the venue staff. Timeliness is also reflected in the holiday with the.


according to need

beautiful music, too large volume will cause trouble, the mall music is the background music, not to dominate. Media survey shows that soft music to increase sales by 40%. But music is not always slow rhythm, fast-paced music should appear in the need to accelerate the pace of customers. For example, in the spike brand goods activities, you can play fast paced music, both to create a tense, lively atmosphere, but also to win extraordinary results. When the traffic is low, a slightly larger volume can create a sense of hearing, and when the traffic is crowded, loud music makes people feel noisy.

reflects the mall temperament

is there a song that reminds you of a certain store? The answer should be yes. Maybe it’s a song, a song that reminds you of a place. Lyrics in repeated chant, gradually occupied the ear of the customer, by the way of the customer’s heart, as long as the heard such a song, you know where you are.

theme song is routine in the department store industry, in fact, retailers can also refer to this operation tailored for their own theme song from the musical is unified, wherever you are, as long as to the shops, you can hear a familiar voice, enjoy a comfortable home like.

although it is said that music is indeed a good shop assistant, however, if you can not play the music correctly, it will only adversely affect the operation of the store. So, if you are a store operator, want to let the music become a weapon shop operators, but also need to choose the right music oh.


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