2012 most reliable college students entrepreneurial project analysis

2012 most reliable college students entrepreneurial project analysis

An error

students most likely to commit, that is ambitious, so want to start to choose a good project, choosing the right direction to entrepreneurship is the most important.

1 drinks

"business school" moves: Liang Yin

quasi Entrepreneurs: Ren

To determine the

my investment budget: the purchase of fruit juice machine, refrigerator, cutlery, tables and chairs, sterilized for 8000 yuan, 200 yuan of pre purchase fruit shop, rent (about 5 square meters), 1000 yuan per month, 300 yuan for legal procedures, other expenses 500 yuan.

As a counter measure:

"drink" culture is more and more white-collar love. Smart entrepreneurs can put green drinks and beauty and health together, tea, water, juice, soup house. So, the new fashion consumption. Such investments require little money, while selling cold drinks, hot drinks, reduce the risk of off-season.

2 parent-child square

entrepreneurship camp moves: baby

venture example: Shen Xiaoqin couple

80 students Shen Xiaoqin couple "parent-child square" infant world, pacifiers, baby bottles, sleeping bags, children’s clothing, toys, educational supplies, skin care products Goods are available in all varieties. infant to small, small pins, pillows, a variety of styles of the commodity price options.

The comprehensive



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