By selling milk to extend the rich life

By selling milk to extend the rich life

The nutritional value of

Soybean Milk by more and more people recognized, it is this little Soybean Milk, opened the market for some hitherto unknown wealth, opened the hitherto unknown opportunities, now let’s go and see Soybean Milk extending out of the rich life!


Mei Hejie work in a factory, the factory is not very good, has not been paid 3 months, the child has just turned 3 years old, how to do? The child’s kindergarten tuition, children eat a doctor to spend money, life of pressure Mei Jie breathless, youthful face tinged with anxiety and hardships, they want to change the present situation, they want to do a little business, earn money to support their family, are also considered to their future business failures do to prepare ahead! Now Mei Hejie is the case, one is not too much money, two is no technology, and the three is no degree

they trustee bought a $more than 3 thousand Soybean Milk machine! This is their savings for many years. Then, go to the wholesale market to buy food, soybean, small commodity wholesale market to buy plastic bags, for a change, pick up the line, so in a forgotten week morning opened at 2 in the morning, Mei Jie up well, have a look in the flurry of apprehension; sold in the first 5 cents, second dollars 1……

the first day of a small cost rich idea of a good harvest, for them is very satisfied, out cost, they earned 10 yuan, can see the figure of Mei Hejie in the later in the morning, the business day, the district where the customer knows can drink nutritious and delicious and cheap Soybean Milk in his side, in a period of time gradually up! As a result, their soy milk business hot up, and even lined up long team! They can earn more than and 50 dollars a day now! Later, the daily processing of bean dregs and add vegetables leaves to the pot cooking, and then sold to the elderly! The rest is boiled bean dregs Soybean Milk can sell, but also can earn money


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