Combined Henan nternet plus the poor college students make poverty alleviation as chairman

Combined Henan nternet plus the poor college students make poverty alleviation as chairman

innovation and entrepreneurship is a positive policy of the country, the local government in the ongoing implementation of the process, but also cultivate a number of innovative entrepreneurial talents. Here we come together to understand the story of the poor college students in Henan when the chairman of the board.

electronic commerce in Fengqiu County Industrial Park, from the town of Macun Liuguang Hou Danqi is busy with orders shipped, the chairman of an agricultural electronic trading company, a year ago, or for the livelihood of poor college students confused: "my parents are both laid off, there is no home, my parents in the home market stall selling hardware, the university time a month living expenses only 300 yuan."

Hou Danqi is the only college students, in order to reduce the burden on the family, after graduation has been looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. Last year, Fengqiu County played a combination of boxing Internet plus to help the poor, for the electricity supplier entrepreneurs to provide five years of free rent, property, water, electricity, network, office furniture and other six cost and performance benefits. Hou Danqi and two fellow friends, Deng Xiaozhe, returned to his hometown in September last year, opened the road to the electricity supplier entrepreneurship.

is the first product of selenium rich millet, that Hou Danqi never thought that a message in the circle of friends, is to a year-end welfare fancy, after a total of about 200000 yuan for the goods: "really never thought anything, just a month to earn more than I work in Zhengzhou more than a year."

Hou Danqi’s business does more prosperous more, less than a year, has six branches in Zhengzhou, Sanmenxia, Jiaozuo and other places, but also by participating in the international fair, selling to overseas.

with open visibility, partner Deng Xiaozhe recalled that when the busiest day in addition to send hundreds of small light express, their drive to send large orders to tens of thousands of dollars, have been busy to see the night ten points: "every morning receiving orders, two in the afternoon closing orders, prepare the goods before five. At noon to eat a small cardboard box is to use a courier, the cold noodle set to eat an inside, eating after the Clay oven rolls, wash hands, quickly and stocking."

electricity supplier poverty, grassroots entrepreneurship, which is written by the three brothers in the company slogan. The use of the Internet, open the market of agricultural products, not only to the specialty of Fengqiu to further afield, also let the villagers have more sources of income. Poverty is not limited to the introduction of the industry, but also to break the traditional way, the industry launched.

electricity supplier for the poor, good to stimulate the entrepreneurial dream, provides an entrepreneurial stage for them to make their dream closer to reality, to have some funds to complete their entrepreneurial dreams. Henan poor young man’s entrepreneurial success, is good!

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