Entrepreneurship shop how to find a shop

Entrepreneurship shop how to find a shop

entrepreneurship shop, the first step is to find a suitable shop? And this is also a lot of venture investors more trouble, how to find a suitable shop, the following factors on the search for the store to consider:

first, the high and low rent shops and customer and customer traffic has a very close relationship with the customer, the passenger flow must be consistent with the brand to the target customer base.

second, to understand that the price is not a problem, not because of price and give up market research. We want to half kilometers and we find the store at the beginning of the development in the form of commercial investigations related to the opponent, from the area, location, traffic to sales, goods are compared, to obtain accurate data, rent a shop is not gambling, but the scientific calculation. So how should we calculate


the first thing to note a few basic concepts: the first is the passenger flow per unit time through the shop door: the number of customers; the second is: the number of customers into the store into the store for customers in front of the shop and after the proportion of third; turnover rate: the number of customers reached inside the store for customers into the store the ratio of the number; fourth is the price: refers to the average time a customer to buy goods.

in negotiations with the shop, first of all, there are more than 7 days time statistics of traffic and into the shop rate, and then in accordance with the formula (the flow of X into the shop rate = the number of stores) to calculate the number of stores. Into the store number x turnover rate (estimated average) = the number of transactions, turnover rate refers to the staff is to look at the customer’s bag, the final calculation of the amount of consumption per customer, this information will be able to calculate the average value of a customer transaction.

to find a suitable shop on the success of a profitable store has a very big impact. For venture investors, if there is no number of traffic, into the shop rate, turnover rate of these indicators and the number of rental shops, it is tantamount to participate in a gambling. But if there is a professional technology, through the calculation formula, the rent is also expensive to rent. So entrepreneurship shop to find a suitable shop is very important.


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