How to build a good reputation through the whole shop service

How to build a good reputation through the whole shop service

affect the reputation of a store is very much, in which the service is also played a very important role. In fact, if the service is done in place, will be able to allow consumers to get more consumers in the store, so that the business booming shop. However, although many shopkeepers know need to pay attention to the service, but do not know how to enhance the reputation of the shop through the service. So, how to create a good reputation through the service shop?

high quality pre-sale service

a lot of customers will often patronize their previously visited stores, which makes the owner is also more convinced that a good credit rating and reputation, is an important factor in the transaction or not! So, how to make customers willing to do publicity for you?

first to have professional and enthusiastic recommendation. The focus is professional, if only very enthusiastic, but for their goods sold a question three do not know how customers can buy at ease? In particular, the food, if the taste of the product, the effect of all aspects are very understanding, can quickly and professionally answer customer advice, to the customer left a good impression, so that customers can rest assured to buy.

effective incentive to share enthusiasm

some customers are happy to share the shopping experience, if they are satisfied with your goods and services, will give affirmation and praise, may also be active to recommend to their friends and family. For such guests, do not think this is what people should do. If you don’t pay attention to the enthusiasm of this kind of customer, maybe next time he buy it, he won’t share it.

for regular customers who recommend you to the customer, should also be appropriate to give gifts, cash coupons or discounts, such as feedback. In the relationship between customers and friends, coupled with a long-term win-win cooperation, do not want to let your customers for your propaganda is also very difficult.

perfect after-sale protection

sales and promotion is an important factor affecting the number of transactions. The vast majority of buyers are valued the evaluation of other customers, because customers have purchased the right to speak. Therefore, actively improve after-sale protection, when any link problems, we must put ourselves in the customer’s mind, to solve the problem in good faith.

think, which customers do not want to buy their own products are inexpensive products? Since bought, that is, the recognition of the product, but also recognized a commitment: I believe they bought a good thing. Good stuff out Xianbaixianbai, normal psychology, this is the customer invisible, it also do propaganda.

good service is not out of the mouth, but also we need to pay the actual action, so that the real development of the shop


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