20 thousand yuan to do business

20 thousand yuan to do business

a lot of people want to do business, want to start their own business, but to see a huge investment funds, many people are terrified, prohibitive. Today Xiaobian for everyone to bring some 20 thousand yuan can do good business, good projects!

2 million to do what business is good? Ecological aquarium

vivid world of water (fish, grass, really really really water etc.) like a dynamic stereo picture hanging on the wall, the room of taste, the fish swim in the wall "is full of warm, lively, pleasant taste, fashion…… The realm of human return to nature.

2 million to do what business is good? Meet the trend to open batik shop

batik as China’s ancient traditional folk handicraft dyeing process, history is very long. At present, batik as a national commodity, tourism and export commodities, more and more people are aware of, showing attractive prospects for development. Batik art in southwestern ethnic areas from generation to generation, forming a unique national art style, is China distinctive national art flower. With the development of modern high-tech applications in the batik, batik works are increasingly diverse, tablecloths, scarves, clothing, bag and so on, are excellent practical crafts, by Chinese and foreign people love.

twenty thousand can do what business? 20 thousand yuan to open an adult toy bar

the material life in modern society is more and more abundant, in addition to the current city life rhythm is accelerating, great pressure caused many people’s spirit, it requires a new spirit of relief, while the toy is a better spirit of entertainment. Invested 20 thousand yuan to open an adult toy bar to meet this new demand.


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