Do business to service your whole shop

Do business to service your whole shop

set up shop to do business, if there is no way to get the customer’s recognition and favor, such a shop also how long run? Remember that there has been a veteran entrepreneur said such a sentence: the success of modern business, do not care how much you occupy the mall, and care about how much you occupy the hearts of consumers. Only in order to provide customers with timely and effective, thoughtful service, in order to establish a good reputation, bring good popularity. So how do retail customers Zhang Hong win customers in these areas?

Zhang Hong said, usually, they deliver business to the whole sales accounted for more than 30% of the surrounding area residents to buy things, as long as there is a demand they provide delivery service, in order to convenient delivery, in addition to the home of a small van, but also specifically to buy a electric vehicle with three wheels. Usually, who is short and short, as long as the greeting, he will be able to send the goods in the past.

thoughtful service, won the favor of many customers. However, if you encounter the surrounding customers to buy goods, and his family did not how to do it? Zhang Hong does not take this thing out on the matter, but let the customer leave name of goods, the customer name and contact information, waiting for him to go to the wholesale market to purchase, then the way to the customer need the goods back.

at this time, the reporter asked curiously: "do you help people with these goods, is the wholesale price or levy levy levy?" "This is just to help, how can we receive the money? My price is how much money, how much money to others, not a penny fare!" Zhang Hong smiled and said, "if the money is not called for help, they feel guilty!" For such a benefits to retail customers, said to have a good reputation, is also a reasonable thing.

according to the reporter, around the Zhang Hong retail store, there are a lot of customers to enjoy this special service, his neighbor heard uncle Luo to interview Zhang Hong, came over and said: "you have to advertise Zhang, people do business and yet, that person is not eyes stared at the money! If you don’t believe me, I’ll find someone else. You can ask him. He’s really good!"

interviewed so many retail customers, few people are so enthusiastic to find the door to take the initiative to provide clues to the object of our interview. Visible Zhang Hong around the word of mouth is really good.

shop to engage in business, like home life, harmony! As the saying goes, "it is good to win, Friendliness is conducive to business success. ‘key, bring good business. Keep a promise inviolate and credit management, customer trust, customer respect to make harmony between operators and customers, the only way to mutual benefit and win-win." Zhang Hong said, in contact with customers, whether you are right or not, do not appear and >


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