Functional drinks considerable profit margins

Functional drinks considerable profit margins

in the eyes of many people, the drink is used to quench their thirst, open the beverage store, big selling tea, fruit juice and other products. In fact, now the functional beverage market in the hot, investors should focus on this. The so-called functional beverages, is that there are some features of the beverage, such as, anti drink. Functional drinks considerable profit margins, worthy of attention.

the beverage industry in China as one of the fastest growing industries in the 30 years of reform and opening up has increased 400 times, while China surpassed Japan to become the second largest beverage producer. Surprisingly, even in the global financial crisis, China’s beverage industry is still maintained an average of more than 20% of the development, showing a momentum of accelerated development. Especially in recent years, with the rapid growth of the economy and the continuous improvement of the income level of urban and rural consumers and consumption, the consumption demand of the beverage has been in a stage of rapid growth. Domestic beverage industry has a huge market base and rely on the growth of space.

in the beverage market layout, although many enterprises in the fruit juice beverage developed many different flavors of drinks, but the loser had very little success. In the carbonated beverage market, Coca-Cola and Pepsi two business giants, agents the most intelligent decision is to choose the agent rather than compete with it, but the agency continues to shrink the profitability of the helpless. In the tea beverage, Japanese beverage has a big impact on the domestic market, the domestic beverage giant it never encroach on the tea beverage, it causes disorder of the competition scene, in this case, therefore, the future development of the tea beverage market pattern is the most uncertain.


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