Error steam stores easily into the whole

Error steam stores easily into the whole

is now a lot of people love to health care, through steam health and comfort, no pressure, drive the development of the industry market, the real ages, today, steam stores blossom everywhere, very hot, so many people have joined the franchise industry but in Khan, Khan joined the business process of the shop is also very easy to appear a lot of problems. Then join a steam store need to pay attention to what the problem? What are easy to overlook, is also very easy to enter the misunderstanding? Let 3158 beauty Xiaobian to analyze.

A, to one-sided pursuit of low prices

two, the pursuit of better


now Khan stores the functional material from the negative ion of cotton, single floor leather, wood flooring transition to liquid tourmaline, tourmaline, germanium stone tile is back, with the development of technology and excessive, different materials have different technical indicators and far infrared and negative ion release, single blind pursuit of the release of negative ions the amount does not work, because the steam room is the far infrared and negative ion, ion and trace minerals such as the formation of the comprehensive energy field, moreover, what things have a degree, beyond a certain range, but is harmful to the human body.

three, ignore the company customer service service capacity

four, blindly follow the customer

entrepreneurs to join the shop when operating in the steam, easily walked into these errors, resulting in serious operating problems, it is easy to lead to business failure, small hope that through the above four errors is introduced, which can make people feel when operating steam franchise, operation and development is better.


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