Do you know what to do in the summer ice cream shop

Do you know what to do in the summer ice cream shop

entered in May, the summer is getting closer, as soon as the summer, ice cream has become the most popular products, attracting the attention of many investors. So summer ice cream store location to pay attention to what? The following small series to help you detailed analysis.

1. ice cream shop is best to choose crowded places:

(2), near the school campus, near the office building is also a good choice to open the ice cream shop, this place has a fixed consumer groups, store profit guarantee;

(3) gas station, train station, subway station, bus station next to the ice cream shop is a good choice in these positions, whether to quench their thirst or to get instant cool, you can let them realize the ice cream shop, the business will not be bad!

2. because the ice cream is a kind of non essentials, summer ice cream shop must be clear product positioning, because the non essentials for the consumer prices directly affect the final purchase or not, therefore, need to have a clear position to choose the shop to sell their own products is what, if you store the product is very expensive, so open near the school and the train station, subway stations and other places is not appropriate, it is necessary to consider the choice of office buildings, such as airport consumption environment this time.

The location of

3.’s ice cream shop also according to your city’s consumption level and the consumption level is not high, generally the urban and rural ice cream price not higher than 5 yuan, the provincial city but also ensure that the product price is low, the only shop in some municipalities, provincial capital city, and the choice is that open the high-end ice cream shop up high consumption areas, otherwise do not store consumer groups get the guarantee.



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