What aspects of entrepreneurship support policies

What aspects of entrepreneurship support policies

in the face of the current business boom, more and more college students also joined the entrepreneurial team, but lack of experience for newly graduated students, if the government has related policies to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be paving the way for many.

1, the main content of college students entrepreneurship support

1, for college students to give financial support. Comprehensive evaluation of college students self employment projects to attract employment ability, scientific and technological content, potential economic and social benefits, market prospects and other factors, free of charge to provide 20 thousand to 150 thousand yuan of financial support. Support standards are divided into 4 grades: 20 thousand yuan, $50 thousand, $100 thousand, $150 thousand. To have independent intellectual property rights and invention patents, energy saving, labor intensive entrepreneurial projects give priority to support; to engage in individual business entities to support the project does not exceed the amount of 50 thousand yuan.

2, the implementation of Entrepreneurship (business) subsidies. To meet the conditions of college students for the first time, to give 5000 yuan per person Entrepreneurship (opening) subsidies. Each and every business license can only enjoy a business (business) subsidies.

2, college students venture capital support requirements

achieved national recognition of qualifications of the graduation within 5 years of college graduates or college students (including students to Henan business personnel), as a business entity or the legal representative of the actual controller, can apply for funds to support entrepreneurship. The same support object and support projects can only enjoy a college students to support the funding of entrepreneurship.

support projects need to meet the following conditions:

1, stationed in the various types of business incubator Park, according to the law to obtain business license, stable operation for more than 6 months, and no bad credit and illegal records;

2, absorb 3 people (including more than 3 people);

3, have a good business development plan and market prospects;

4, strong management team, sound management system.

3, college students venture capital support application procedures

college students to support the project to declare a year two times, respectively, in May and in October, the focus of the business incubator park. The hatch Park submitted to the province unified city and county (city) of human resources and social security departments, and submit the students start to support the project summary table, parks and other related documents; the provincial municipality, county (city) of human resources and social security departments after the preliminary report of human resources and social Security Department of Henan province. Provincial business incubator park can directly to the provincial human resources and recommend


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