Why the honest Chinese always get rich

Why the honest Chinese always get rich

we often hear a word is, the rich people become more rich, the poor people become more poor, we always say ‘I am also some of the rich from the poor rich ah, why are you still poor "; if these people are not blind, he is deliberately Chinese honest insincere; never going to be rich, because some specific factors are the obstacles to rich people.

by crossing it, everyone will think of their own real life; and it is the crossing the road is so similar. Obviously the rules prohibit a number of acts, but the unspoken rules are still flexible behavior; this is indeed true portrayal of too many. Although we have a red light on the state-owned assets of state-owned enterprises, but the right turn of the restructuring of the power to become the owner of their own private property. Obviously our workers congress to restrict the managers can turn right into the unspoken rule managers have become the main body of the workers congress; for ordinary workers to do not have the opportunity to enter the workers’ congress.

in addition to the corruption of our country is not the red light is not bright, but unspoken rule; so corruption can emerge in an endless stream. If we introduce the mouth of the pipe (not allowed to eat and drink) documents, but we have a lot of unspoken rules to make food and drink more strong wind. We have also introduced a ban on gambling (especially cadres), but we also have a lot of unspoken rules to make our gambling more prevalent. We have also issued a document to prohibit public funds to travel, but our unspoken rules is to travel to the world of public funds.

anyone in meditation, it is still green pedestrian traffic as before; this is for pedestrians crossing the road power. If there is an accident, whose fault is it, because the car with the right turn makes sense, so the honest man has no choice but to cross the road. However, we can also find foreign countries have no such unspoken rule, when any vehicle pedestrian green (bike) will be banned; that is to say there is only one kind of clear rules to ensure the common behavior of pedestrians and vehicles, of course under the rules of both.


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