How to raise venture capital Three ways to choose

How to raise venture capital Three ways to choose

entrepreneurship a variety of ways, of course, the funds needed for entrepreneurship is the same, we need to raise together, but the way to raise the same variety. The following three ways for reference only.

guaranteed loans: if you do not have deposit, treasury bonds, no warranty, but your wife or parents to have a stable income, then this can be a great credit resources. The bank has a special liking for the high income situation at present, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, business unit staff and financial industry personnel are listed as the credit loan preferential treatment, these industry professionals only need to find one or two colleagues can guarantee, the ICBC, China Construction Bank and other financial institutions to obtain 100 thousand yuan the loan guarantee. Moreover, this loan does not require any collateral, assessment procedures. If you have such a family, you can apply for loans in his name, in the preparation of a variety of materials, the day that you can get venture capital.

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